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Discover how Swiss Saudi Tech is transforming industries with cutting-edge technological solutions designed for the future.lutions tailored for tomorrow’s needs.

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Embark on a transformative journey with The Swiss Saudi Company as we revolutionize industries worldwide. Our cutting-edge solutions powered by IoT, blockchain, and AI technologies drive digital transformation and pave the way for Smart Cities. Experience the synergy of Swiss precision and Saudi innovation as we connect continents, creating smarter and more connected environments for businesses and communities globally. Explore the future of technology with us and unlock endless possibilities for growth and efficiency. Join our visionary leaders and become part of a sustainable, interconnected world. Discover the power of collaboration and reach out to us today. Together, let’s shape the future.

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Our Mission and Vision

At Swiss Saudi Tech, we are dedicated to providing cutting-edge technological solutions that boost the operational efficiency of businesses and urban environments while emphasizing sustainability and security worldwide. Our mission is to leverage the transformative potential of technology to create smarter, safer, and more resilient communities globally.


Crafting the Future of Digital Societies

At Swiss Saudi Tech, our vision goes beyond just technological advancements. We are dedicated to leading the digital transformation of societies, improving resilience, efficiency, and connectivity. Our strategy involves integrating advanced technologies to create environments where businesses and communities can flourish together.

With our innovative solutions, we strive to turn everyday challenges into opportunities for growth, ensuring that each technological advancement contributes to a more sustainable and interconnected world. Join us as we spearhead the movement toward a smarter, more efficient future.

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Our Journey

Discover the key milestones that have shaped our journey and highlighted our dedication to innovation and excellence in the tech industry.


Foundation of TSQ

Swiss Quality Consulting (TSQ), our parent company, was founded, signaling the start of a new era in technology solutions focused on delivering top-tier IT services worldwide.


Launch of Smart ERP

Our initial major project entailed deploying Smart ERP solutions, establishing a standard for innovation and sustainable urban development.


Blockchain Adoption

We broadened our expertise to incorporate blockchain services, improving security and transparency across our clients’ operations.


AI Solution Provider

Recognized as a leader in AI solutions, The Swiss Saudi Company firmly establishes its position at the forefront of cutting-edge technology.


Global IT Leader
Continuing our successful expansion, The Swiss Saudi Company has emerged as a prominent global figure in providing cutting-edge IT solutions, championing the advancement of digital transformation across various industries.


Looking Ahead
The Swiss Saudi Company, in alignment with its commitment to innovation and growth, continually advances and broadens its horizons. With a strong emphasis on cultivating cutting-edge technologies, we proactively develop solutions that proactively address and overcome forthcoming challenges.

Meet Our Influential Executives

At The Swiss Saudi Company, our leadership team encompasses a fusion of Swiss precision and Emirates foresight, propelling us towards a future in which technology paves the way for uncharted horizons.
Bärbel Wetenkamp
Bärbel Wetenkamp

Chief Executive Officer

Marc Hammoud
Marc Hammoud

CEO and Chief Technology Officer


Our Saudi partner

Empowering Communities

Our Pledge to Society

At The Swiss Saudi Company, we are dedicated to utilizing our technological expertise for the betterment of the community. Our endeavors revolve around enhancing educational opportunities, promoting sustainability, and fostering innovation, with the aim of creating a brighter future for all.

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ERP and IT local support

Riyadh, KSA

Join our Riyadh team to make a change in ERP solutions.

AI Research Scientist

Zurich, Switzerland

Contribute to cutting-edge AI projects in our Zurich lab.

IoT Solutions Architect


Design advanced IoT frameworks worldwide with The Swiss Saudi Company.

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